Pay My Premium

Pay your premium faster and more conveniently online - it’s quick, secure and easy to complete.

Simply use a major credit or debit card, enter the ACCOUNT NUMBER and INVOICE NUMBER as shown on your invoice. Then, click ‘Next’ to complete your payment request. (We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards. We do not accept American Express)

If you prefer, you can still pay your premium by mail.



Please note: 
  • Late payment does not guarantee coverage or reinstatement.
  • If you transfer to another line of business or policy, you will be issued a new account number for that line of business or policy.
  • Be sure to use the correct account number when making your payment.
  • If you have more than one account, please make separate payments for each account number.

Your session will expire in 15 minutes. Please have your credit or debit card information ready before starting your payment. If your session expires, close and reopen the window.
Have questions about making a payment? 
Call MetroPlus Health Plan at 1.800.303.9626, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm or click here to email us. All credit card transactions are processed at MetroPlus Health Plan, 160 Water Street, New York, NY, 10038, United States.