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Have Questions about Zocdoc?

What is Zocdoc?

Zocdoc is an online scheduling service, providing patients the ability to make more informed decisions on which doctors they decide on making an appointment with. Patients can make an account, fill out and maintain a waiting room form and manage their appointments.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your personal and health information is secure. For more information about Zocdoc’s HIPAA Authorization process or Data Privacy Policy, read more.

Zocdoc's HIPPA Authorization Policy
Zocdoc's Data Privacy Policy

I have more questions. Where can I go?

Zocdoc can answer all of your questions. You can go to their website’s FAQ page and read more about what services they provide. If you have questions or concerns about any doctors, MetroPlus representatives are also available.



MetroPlus Health Plan continuously reviews records of providers and facilities, but there may be changes between updates. Please use your Provider Directory and call prior to any appointments.

Accessibility icons indicate facilities that are wheelchair accessible. ADA compliant facilities meet all regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, including being wheelchair accessible. ADA+ facilities meet the same Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.