Bronze HSA Plans

BronzePlus HSA

MetroPlus offers four different BronzePlus HSA plans, a health saving plan, only offered in Individual Marketplace. Each plan adds additional levels of customization to fit your needs. 

The plan has an individual deductible is $5,500 and max out of pocket $6,550. Family deductible $11,000 and max $13,100.

This plan also has a Native American / American Indian plan with a $0 deductible and $0 max out of pocket for those that qualify.

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Our cost treatment calculator is intended for individuals who are uninsured or covered by private insurance. Cost estimates reflect health care professional fees and are not the negotiated rates which may be available through insurance plan networks. 

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BronzePlus HSA*
Product  B2 HSA B3 HSA B3-4 (Child-Only) B6 HSA
Product Type Non-Standard Child-Only AI/NA-Standard AI/NA-Non-Standard
Premium $413.99 $168.47 $0 $0
Deductible $5,500 $5,500 $0 $0
Max out of Pocket $6,550 $6,550 $0 $0
PCP 50% 50% 0% 0%
Specialist 50% 50% 0% 0%
Prescription Drug** $10/$35/$70 $10/$35/$70 0% 0%
Adult Dental/Vision No Yes No Yes
Pediatric Dental / Vision Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Order RX Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exercise Facility Reimbursement Yes Yes Yes Yes

* This chart is a brief description of benefits for plan. 
** Prescription Drug: Generic / Formulary Brand / Non-Formulary Brand
 Deductible must be met first before cost sharing begins. Family cost is multiplied by (2).
 AI / NA - American Indian / Native Alaskan 


Premiums listed are example base rates for individuals. Rates may differ based according to family size, income level, and eligibility for tax credits.

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Certificate of Coverage
  English Español
Individual Non-Standard BronzePlus HSA B2 BronzePlus HSA B2
Child-Only BronzePlus HSA B3 BronzePlus HSA B3
American Indian / Child-Only BronzePlus HSA B3-4 BronzePlus HSA B3-4
American Indian Non-Standard BronzePlus HSA B6 BronzePlus HSA B6

Child-Only Plans offer benefits to members who are under the age of 21 at the beginning of the year.
Non-Standard Plans offer additional benefits not included on the Standard Plans and allows members to purchase Adult Vision and Dental coverage.

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