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UPDATED - September 26, 2016

Individual Development Plan Program

MetroPlus has had to become more aggressive in its strategies in order to be a strong industry competitor in the changing landscape of health insurance and health care, and these strategies require Leaders to improve critical thinking skills as well as competencies. Beginning in 2014, the Marketing Department asked for Leadership Training to help coach managers and supervisors to become better motivators, better communicators and all around better leaders. To that end, we have partnered with Leadership Training Systems to develop the MetroPlus IDP.

IDP or, Individual Development Program is an opportunity for personalized training and development, which helps to uncover individual talents that have not been utilized. The program offers a chance for leaders to enhance their skill set, improve their competency, as well as their performance against the expectations for their role.

This confidential, objective perspective and process supports individuals one-on-one allowing leaders at any level who desire growth in themselves and those they lead to benefit.

In response to issues and concerns raised during the HR Focus Group Employee Engagement meetings, a second cycle of IDP was launched for the Marketing Department in Q1 2016, an initial launch for Medical Management is now underway, with Customer Services implementation expected in Q1, 2017.

UPDATED - September 26, 2016

Addressing Equity Adjustment Concerns

Among many issues raised during the Utilization Management Focus Group, salary inequity was brought to attention. At least 2 CMAs expressed concerns about earning much less than their colleagues despite being the highest performers within their respective units and having extensive experience.

After the Focus Group, Human Resources personnel, at the direction of the Chief Human Resource Officer, conducted an extensive investigation to determine any inequities in salary. Based on the investigation, a handful of CMAs were approved for a salary adjustment. The news was personally delivered by Human Resources as a surprise to the affected employees as they were given letters indicating their new salary information.

Equity analysis has been an on-going effort and similar inquiries have been conducted. Recently adjustments have also been awarded in Non-Emergency Transportation and Corporate Communications.

September 26, 2016

Creating promotional opportunities across the Plan – The Ladder Program

The purpose of the ladders program is to create promotion opportunities for people, not just within their title, but also across the organization.
Surfacing in focus groups feedback sessions, employees conveyed feeling limited in their roles, and unaware of how to advance both in promotional opportunities and salary growth outside the cost of living adjustments through the City.

What sets the ladder program a part is that it provides objective and holistic criteria for what employees need to do to qualify to be considered for promotion. Successfully piloted in the Marketing Department, the ladder program has expanded to Utilization Management, and planned for further implementation in other departments in the near future.

September 26, 2016

Meetings with the President and CEO, Dr. Arnold Saperstein

Following over a year and half of Focus Group Feedback Sessions with Chief Human Resource Officer, Ryan Harris, our President and CEO Dr. Arnold Saperstein sat down with select staff at various levels in the organization to discuss their experiences and perspectives of engagement here at MetroPlus. Roughly thirty employees had the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on how to maximize employee satisfaction and contribution to MetroPlus’ success.

While he has always had an open door policy to all MetroPlus employees, Dr. Saperstein was grateful for the opportunity to meet with staff in candid dialogue during these meetings throughout the month of August. Special acknowledgment to the focus group participants who took part in these meetings and were willing to share their experiences.

April 8, 2016

MetroPlus GROW Program (Expected Launch Q4 – 2016) LogoFINAL.png

At MetroPlus we strive to create an environment for employees to develop professionally and personally. Our career management program, GROW, will provide opportunities for employees to assess their current skills against individual career needs to help plan for a fulfilling career at MetroPlus.

GROW benefits the organization by helping to retain valued employees and establishing a reputation to employee commitment and development in the marketplace.

GROW benefits employees by offering helpful assistance and guidance with their career decisions.

GROW benefits managers and supervisors by enhancing relationships, improving communication and performance feedback with employees.   

GROW facilitates greater understanding of MetroPlus as a whole and cultivates a supportive and conducive culture to attract and retain top talent.  

Where do you want to GROW?

April 8, 2016

Marketing Spoke and Leadership Responded

On March 18, 2016, Roger Milliner, Director of Marketing, held a Marketing All-Staff meeting at Seaview Hospital on Staten Island. At this meeting, it was announced that two managers, four supervisors and over forty marketing representatives were being promoted based on their previous year’s excellent performance. Over the past year, the Marketing Department has worked with Human Resources to create incentive programs for all of the marketing field staff, development tracks for managers and supervisors and career ladders for marketing representatives. These programs were created in response to concerns about pay equity for Marketing Staff in our industry. You raised these concerns in team meetings, all-staff meetings and HR Focus Groups that took place in the Spring of 2015. We heard you and we responded!

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March 4, 2016

Personal Vehicle Expense Reimbursement Policy

During the Focus Groups with the Network Relations staff, concerns regarding not being able to conveniently travel to various sites was brought up. Several employees felt that they would be able to perform their job functions more efficiently if they could utilize their personal vehicles. Traveling to numerous sites using public transportation was neither efficient nor convenient. As such, employees requested options with respect to using personal vehicles and receiving some reimbursement for travel expenses. Senior leadership heard the employees' concerns and researched policies and procedures regarding travel reimbursements. Thereafter, an agreement was made to reimburse employees for use of their personal vehicle as long as the guidelines prescribed by the policy were followed. In fact, Senior leadership agreed to reimburse employees for any additional car insurance premium payment which resulted from adding NYC Health + Hospitals as a co-insured on the insurance policy. Arrangement has also been made to have Human Resources streamline the process of preparation of justifications for reimbursement on behalf of the employees. This further alleviated the burden of a cumbersome process.

February 29, 2016

Visiting Sites for More Connectivity

Throughout February, site visits were conducted at six NYC Health + Hospitals facilities. Those partnering facilities were Metropolitan, Lincoln, Jacobi, Queens, Kings County, and Coney Island. 

The purpose of these visits was to improve wireless connectivity for our Marketing staff. In addition to upgrading many of the staff with new Samsung Galaxy S6 devices and hotspots, signal boosters will be installed in several facilities to increase the signal strength in poor reception areas. We are also working toward providing access to NYC Health + Hospitals’ WIFI networks to all of our Marketing staff, which will ultimately improve both Internet connectivity and mobile phone reception.

Better connection, faster services, happier members being served.