Participating Departments in HR Focus Groups

Below is a list of the Departments that have participated in HR Focus Group Feedback Sessions thus far. Close to 900 of you have spoken. We are aware that some departments, although listed below, have not completed their Focus Group Sessions. Everyone will be scheduled to participate. So, if you haven’t been scheduled yet, don’t fret, we’ll be speaking with you soon.
  1. Marketing
  2. Member Retention
  3. Communications
  4. Network Relations
  5. Case Management
  6. UM Administrative Assistance 
  7. Claims
  8. Enrollment and Membership
  9. MIS
  10. Human Resources & Organizational Development 
  11. UM Medicare
  12. Corporate Integrity
  13. Finance
  14. MLTC
  15. Transportation
  16. Facilities
  17. QM
  18. HIV/SNP
  19. Customer Services 
  20. Operations Administration
  21. Training & Audits