Medication Adherence

What is Medication Adherence?
Medication adherence means taking your medicine the way it was prescribed by your doctor:
  • In the right amount – correct dose
  • At the right time – example in the morning and before bed
  • In the right way – example twice daily
  • For as long as your doctor recommends you take it
Tips to help you stick with your medication plan
  • Take your medicines at the same time(s) each day. A regular clock/phone alarm can help 
  • Link it with something else you do around the same time(s) each day, such as brushing your teeth 
  • Keep a calendar or chart to write down when you take your medicines. Place a reminder note on your calendar a week before the medicine is due to run out 
  • Put a reminder note on your refrigerator, phone, medicine cabinet, or bathroom mirror 
  • Remember to refill your prescription. Put your medicine in pill boxes 
  • Ask friends or family to help remind you. You can remind each other! 
  • Use one pharmacy.
Talk to your Doctor
  • About any allergies to medications
  • If you have any side effects with the medications, you are taking
  • Before you stop taking any medications
  • If you take or use any medicines prescribed by another Doctor or over the counter products such as cough syrups, pain relievers or herbal remedies