About MetroPlus

MetroPlus Health Plan offers low to no-cost health insurance to eligible people residing in all five boroughs of New York City. MetroPlus partners with NYC Health + Hospitals to provide primary and preventive care, emphasizing excellent services to our members. Our team is fully engaged, highly motivated, and care about our fellow New Yorkers. For more information about MetroPlus Health Plan, read our Overview. 

MetroPlus Overview

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Board of Directors
Bernard Rosen
Chairman of the Board
+Arnold Saperstein, M.D.
Executive Director / Ex-Officio
MetroPlus Health Plan, Inc.
^Matthew Siegler
Board Member
Senior Vice President of Managed Care & Patient Growth
NYC Health + Hospitals
^Sara Gillen
Board Member
Chief Operating Officer,
Correctional Health Services
NYC Health + Hospitals

^Dr. Eric Wei, M.D.
Board Member
NYC Health + Hospitals
Vice President & Chief Quality Officer

Dan H. Still
Board Member
Lloyd Williams
Board Member

*Tamira Boynes
Board Member / Consumer
*Nella Lewis
Board Member / Consumer

*Member of the Plan
+ MetroPlus Employee
^ NYC Health + Hospitals Employee


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Board Member List (Appointment and End Term Dates)
Names Appointed By Original Date of Appointment End of Term Date
Bernard Rosen, Chair NYC Health + Hospitals  Board Chair May 18, 2000 May 26, 2020
Arnold Saperstein, M.D. Ex-Officio Ex-Officio / Executive Director, MetroPlus Ex-Officio
Matthew Siegler Ex-Officio NYC Health + Hospitals President's Designee  Ex-Officio
Sara Gillen NYC Health + Hospitals President October 27, 2016 October 27, 2020
Dr. Eric Wei, M.D. NYC Health + Hospitals Board Chair April 4, 2018  April 4, 2023
Dan H. Still NYC Health + Hospitals Board Chair May 18, 2003 July 24, 2018
Lloyd Williams NYC Health + Hospitals Board Chair December 17, 2009 December 17, 2019
Tamira Boynes MetroPlus President February 26, 2004 February 26, 2019
Nella Lewis MetroPlus President March 16, 2008 March 16, 2023
MetroPlus ByLaws (as amended through January 29, 2015)
Mission, Vision & Values

MetroPlus Mission

To provide our members with access to the highest quality, cost-effective health care including a comprehensive program of care management, health education and customer service. This is accomplished by partnering with NYC Health + Hospitals and our dedicated providers.

MetroPlus Vision

To provide access to the highest quality, cost-effective health care for our members, to achieve superior provider, member and employee satisfaction, and to be a fiscally responsible, ongoing financial asset to NYC Health + Hospitals. MetroPlus will strive to be the only managed health care partner that NYC Health + Hospitals will ever need. This will be accomplished by our fully engaged, highly motivated MetroPlus staff.

MetroPlus Values

  • Performance Excellence, holding ourselves and our providers to the highest standards to ensure that our members receive quality care
  • Fiscal Responsibility, assuring that the revenues we receive are used effectively
  • Regulatory Compliance, with all City, State and Federal laws, regulations and contracts
  • Team Work, including everyone at MetroPlus and with our providers to deliver the highest quality care and service to our members
  • Accountability to each other, our members and providers
  • Respectfulness in the way that we treat everyone we encounter
MetroPlus Team
Read more about of Executive Staff, their background and the roles they have at MetroPlus Health Plan.

Team Bios/Photos
NYC Health + Hospitals
New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Homepage

NYC Health + Hospitals operates all New York City public hospitals and some facilities. NYC Health + Hospitals offers New Yorkers with quality health services. For more information, click here.